Saturday, February 24, 2007

My technician from hell

For the past 4 months my technician has been making catastrophic QREs. Until now, I have only given verbal warnings. After tripling a two year old’s antibiotic suspension, I wrote her up. With righteous indignation she declared I had not the right to do so. She has been here 9 years and feels that this is her pharmacy and that she runs it. Come to find out, she has been verbally bashing me for months demonstrating a deep seething hatred for me. I presume it is because I am the first pharmacist to challenge her authority. After investigation, it was clear that the QREs were being made on my shifts only, and absolutely no improvement was being made despite all of my verbal warnings. I have evidence.

I told my supervisors that I considered this person not only unqualified to work behind a pharmacy counter, but that there was something very foul going on here. They did not investigate until I told them that I had people, within and without the pharmacy, willing to testify about what she says about me. Only this got their attention, not the potential harm to the patients, or to my license. They have yet to look at my stack of evidence.

On 2/5/07 I found out from my supervisor that I have to continue working with her. I must continue to endure working with a technician who despises me, and is making intentional medication errors to harm me. My supervisor said that while denying some things she did admit to most of them, but she really thinks I am a good pharmacist and wants to work things out with me (tear). They, of course, bought this bologna, and I have to continue to be subjugated to working with this ticking time bomb.

That same day, 2/5/07, she made two more separate major mistakes. She filled prescriptions for the wrong patients. I told my supervisors. On 2/6/07 I will be writing her up again- twice. My question is what happens when, God forbid, one of her mistakes gets past me and some patient is hospitalized, or worse. What will this company do when we are sued because of this tech’s wrecklessness and incompetence? What is preventing me from suing them for forcing me to work with this person despite all of my warnings? What would the media do with this story? Why is no one interested in looking at my evidence?

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