Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatred for America around the world stems from the same source that resentment of the rich by the poor or powerful by the helpless exists. Perhaps it is the 'disadvantaged' who need enlightening and a reversal of their way of thinking.

What would liberals do if Bush said he wanted to pull out of Iraq based on what Jesus told him?

Spotting a thin black woman in Wal-Mart is like spotting a panther or deer in Florida. The obesity rate among this group is staggering. Their health is at risk.

Bill Clinton used the military more than any peacetime President: Iraq, Serbia, Sudan, Afghanistan.

Poverty does not breed violence. That's a slur.

Violent Jesus? Mark 11:15. Mathew chapter 10 verse 34- "bring sword."

A mind employed is always happy.
It is amazing what we can do if we are always doing.
A body isolated will attract other bodies in motion...scary, scary motion.

Liberals ought to investigate conservative claims so as to disprove them and expose the fraud, but they don't do this. They just attack on a personal level instead.

Self-sentencing to eternal ignorance is our refusal to hear the other side of the argument. The ability to articulate the opposition's view shows political maturity.

If all cultures are equal, then giving them all the best education will naturally result in diversity.

Why do immigrants come here? To succeed & forcing them to assimilate is the best way to help them. How well did they fare before Chicano studies and Mexicanism? They are in America, not of it.

Journalists say they cannot chose sides when their own country is at war due to integrity, but they can chose the Democrats over the Republicans.

Human perfectibility, social equality, etc. are dreams which conveniently overlook human nature. Democrat liberals' problem is adopting a French philosophic style of thinking.

Corporations do not prioritize patient safety by hiring bad technicians. Fear of firing them (i.e. The Disability Act, etc.) plays a role. The only solution is to require standardized training programs and mandatory licensing thereby forcing corps. to hire qualified people.

Liberals value equality over success and to them what feels right is paramount to what is right. They are emotional hemophiliacs.

Hyphenated Americans unite!

Homosexuality taught in American schools is all right if Christians protest, but not if Muslim parents do.

The rich in Ireland are so because...no corporate taxes!

I am an affectionate citizen of the USA and have a zeal for my country.

More Americans will vote for an unqualified black than those who won't vote for one despite how qualified.

How many minorities won't vote for a white, or women vote for a woman?

Life is a struggle against oneself.
You can't improve inward if you're always blaming outward.
Confidence derives from achievement. Pride derives from accomplishment.

The meek may inherit the earth but they will contribute nothing to it. Through boldness and confidence are great things accomplished.

Why do liberals want to turn America into the countries that immigrants are fleeing from?

Iraqi's didn't ask for Democracy, science, Capitalism, etc. just like slaves did not ask for freedom (too scared).

Political correctness prevents us from acknowledging what our eyes see.

Nothing strikes fear into my heart like that pale, pasty yellow New Jersey license plate.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Commiss Price

Commissioner John Wiley Price has won the world’s all time dumbest complaint when he took offense to the term ‘black hole.’ Of all of the stupid things to protest. This man is pathetic. He, and his ilk, are obsessed with race!

Has the fragile ego of blacks in this country gotten so deranged as to now demand that we re-label astronomical terms? Sure, someone ought to take the time to explain, sadly, that it is not the word itself but the context in which it is said and the intent behind it that matters. This colossal idiot actually said that people ought to watch what they say, and then started commenting on other insidious terms like angel food cake, and devils’ cake. Is this not America in which we live any more? Since when do we have to ‘watch what we say’?

Following this line of thinking, if you can call it that, then perhaps we ought to change any term with any reference to color of any kind. Black cats should be referred to as African American cats, black pepper is now African American pepper, if the power goes out in a large area we’ll have to refer to it as an African American out, there are no more black cars, now they are African American cars, and black holes are African American holes I guess. Would Mr. Price have us rename the Beatle’s White Album? What should we call it- the Caucasian Album?

I say this is it folks, enough is enough. All Americans ought to tell clods like this Mr. Price to “get over it!” I guess that is the main weakness of ‘white’ culture- too compassionate, too understanding, too forgiving, too accommodating. At what point do we allow common frickin’ sense to play a role, and once and for all put an end to this foolishness? When, for God’s sake, will we as a collective tell people of Mr. Price’s abhorrent persuasion that we are sick and tired of this fixation on color? In short, when will Americans, blacks most especially, tell these race hustlers to shut up and go to hell?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hollywood Fads

I'm tired of Hollywood preaching to me. {in progress}

Here's a list, off of the top of my head, of the messages subtly, and not so subtly, implanted in movies today.

Lesbian kissing: every third movie seems to have a scene clumsily thrown in there where two women are kissing. Along with this is every fourth movie where gay men are so intelligent, charming, and witty. They only make up 3% of the population! Ever know any homosexuals? I have. They're always angry and ugly. They're often boorish and surly jerks!

Villains smoking: Anytime, just about, that you see someone smoking a cigar in a movie, you can bet that it is a villain, and almost always white. In fact, I can't think of a non-white villain right now.

Capitalists are immoral: From Gordon Gekko on, capitalists are always heartless, selfish, assholes devoid of any scruples who would sell their mother for an extra buck. When was the last time you saw a sympathetic wealthy person in a movie?

Minorities are academic: Despite the present 50% dropout rate among black high school kids in this country, whenever teamed up with white or asian kids, they're always portrayed as being more with it. And they're more moral as well.

Cops are dumb and violent: You know the last time a cop was seen as competent and unwilling to cross the line into brutality or privacy?...Psycho. Remember the cop in Psycho who followed Mrs. Curtis? Look at how they're portrayed today. Same goes for our soldiers. Always played as jerkwad alpha male, brainwashed goons constantly looking for a fight.

Fat is sexy: Why are fat people so celebrated in movies today? Where is the stigma that ought to be attached? No, I don't mean to imply that it is fine to poke fun at their expense, I just feel hollywood should treat them with half as much tough love as they do, say, smokers.

Religious people are nuts and violent: see Steven King.

105 pound women kicking ass: I can't tell you how sick I am of seeing semi-anorexic chicks kung fuing a 220 pound guy 5 feet into the air and 10 feet across the room.

The environment is fragile: Often capitalist scum are tearing down mother nature.

The government is corrupt: Again, CIA, FBI, you name it, they are ruthless quasi-mercenaries.

{specific examples to follow}

Naples Daily News


Guest commentary: A primer: Here's how your local pharmacy operates
By JEAN-MARC BOVEE, Special to the Daily News Sunday, November 27, 2005

I began working retail pharmacy 13 years ago and I, along with all of my friends in pharmacy, have been having the exact same arguments with people and have been continuously explaining precisely the same things during our entire careers. It seems that there is a persistent unfamiliarity among the populace concerning the inner workings of pharmacies.

This is not to say that people are to blame, they simply have never been informed; that is the intention behind this article. It is only a microcosm in the vast universe of pharmacy, but it will cover a couple of the more common issues.

The question most often asked of retail pharmacists is what the cost of the prescription will be. Please read carefully because this is important: We can only give you the cash price of the medication before we fill it. If you have insurance, then we cannot tell you the price until we actually fill the prescription.

Here is how it works: We first have to enter your personal information including your prescription insurance info into our computer. We then type the prescription into our computer, our computer electronically transmits your prescription to your insurance company's computer, which then processes the prescription and transmits the price that we are to charge you to our printer.

Only at this point do we know the cost to you, but it takes time as you can see and we have not even physically filled the prescription yet.

Prescription insurance companies are the main reason for your extended wait times. Now, if upon hearing the cost you feel that it is incorrect, then you need to contact your prescription insurance company. Remember, they are sending the cost to you, to us.

We have essentially no say in what you get charged. Simply call the 1-800 number on the back of your card and they will be able to directly answer all of your questions; they can even give you the price before you go to the pharmacy. Again, they set the price, not us.

You may have heard the words "prior authorization" at the pharmacy at some point or another. This is the latest trend in third party over-stepping. Basically what your prescription insurance company is saying is that despite the fact that your doctor wrote the prescription him or herself, they still require that he or she call them on the phone and authorize it.

If that does not seem to make any sense to you, do not fret for it does not make much sense to us either. What we do is call the doctor's office, tell them we need a "prior auth," give them your insurance's phone number, and then wait for them to call us back with the authorization so that we can transmit your prescription through the insurance.
It sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

Just remember, this is the mere tip of the iceberg, so to speak, or write.