Monday, October 22, 2007

Theory Vs Reality

The United States is the most opulent nation in the history of the world. Along with that wealth comes comfort, leisure, and time. American’s spend a great deal of time worrying about things that are relatively inconsequential and mundane, and often dwell in the land of theory. How many people in poor countries, where survival is a daily fight, give a frog’s fat fanny about saving sea turtles or who Britney Spears is currently dating? Too often American’s are separated from the reality of the world and are clueless about how things truly are.

The United States is the most opulent nation in the history of the world, and along with that wealth comes comfort, leisure, and time. American’s spend a great deal of time worrying about things that are relatively inconsequential, and have trouble facing reality. How many people in other countries, where survival is a daily fight, concern themselves about saving sea turtles or what J Lo is currently wearing? This inability to focus on the true state of the world leaves far too many American clueless about things.

The vast majority of college professors are liberal Democrats. Academics perpetually linger in the land of pie-in-the-sky theory, and a lot of this can be traced back to the 60’s. Liberalism was a much-needed political and cultural philosophy at that time. The government was out of control with McCarthyism and other injustices, minorities and women were treated like dirt, and big business took advantage of workers. Their movement led to some very necessary changes, and things have drastically progressed in an amazingly swift manner since then. In fact, the pendulum has swung so far the other way that now liberalism and political correctness have become just the sort of grave injustices that those hippiecrits rose up against in the first place. Liberalism is an antiquated relic of a bygone era. Forty years of control in congress and over the media has not only not improved things, but has, in fact, made many of them worse.

Evolution and Creation are two theories about the origin of life. The main difference is that at least evolutionists have the sense to refer to Evolution as a theory. How many Creationists have the courage to admit that their perspective religious belief is only a theory? No, they feel as though they have cornered the market on truth. That alone is enough to discredit them. True scientists understand that no one has all of the answers, humans are fallible and capable of being programmed (despite how intelligent they are), and that the path to truth is an arduous and meticulous one. Religiosos all too often surrender their critical thinking skills and accept what the barking conman on the stage in front of them says based on faith alone. Who has a better chance of finding truth?

Peaceniks have a great philosophy- love is better than hate. Now who would argue with that? Who would be foolish enough to claim that they prefer violence to peace? In the real world, however, peace is not always possible. What these pimply faced, young college idealists, and libs who refuse to grow up do not seem to understand is that there are times when military action is needed. There comes a time when you have to dispose of malicious people who attack you. These idealists perpetually reside in Never-Never Land (just a few miles from Fantasy Land), and, to them, there is never a good enough reason to go to war. These soft and naïve dopes do not understand how the world works. Human beings are not separate from nature, we too must engage in the struggle for survival by fighting, when necessary. It is as simple as that. There is no reasoning with religious or political zealots, and their perspective brainwashed supporters.

Government assistance, based on socioeconomic status only, is good. A nation as rich as ours ought to help it’s less fortunate citizens. Once again, however, reality wavers somewhat from theory. Where is the incentive to work hard for minimum wage when you can sit home and have checks sent to you? By giving someone something for free, not only do they often not appreciate it, but they come to expect and demand it! It is unnerving as hell to have someone on Medicaid who is picking up 12 prescriptions worth hundreds of dollars screaming in your face because they have to pay a 50-cent co pay. Also, it creates dependency. If you are poor, then you should receive temporary help to get back on your feet, but you have to want to help yourself as well. There is no good reason why there are generational recipients of welfare. Also, if you break the law by committing a violent crime, then not only should you no longer receive any assistance, but no one in your family should then either. How is that for the incentive to be a law-abiding citizen? This may seem harsh, but we need to instill some accountability and responsibility in those who would benefit from the producers in this country.

Theory says that we ought to allow anyone to immigrate to this nation, and even if they come in illegally we should allow them to stay. President Bush has been considering amnesty for millions and millions of illegal immigrants. If he does this, then he will be rewarding criminal behavior! Reality dictates that we must be fair to all who wish to come here, that our immigration policy be orderly, and that we must have knowledge of exactly who is coming here and what they are doing once here. Where is the demand for criminal background checks on immigrants? What if they are coming here to escape the authorities of their country for some heinous crime that they committed? Just try to remember, as good as theories may sound, reality is inestimably more important. It may not be full of butterflies and dandelions, but it is sensible and necessary, especially these days.

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