Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Find Truth in Politics

If one recently developed an interest in politics, then which news sources should they trust? How could a political novice possibly know which sources are biased and which are not? The answer is unattractive, which is why most Americans are politically ignorant, but a lot of homework must be done.

The first thing one must do, and always continue to do, is to investigate varied sources. Listen to the confessed liberal and conservative sources, and compare them. Ask yourself who is making a more logical argument? Who is more acerbic and vitriolic? What sources are being referenced? Also, compare them based on their coverage of the same stories. Look at who each news source interviewed, who they did not, and ask why. What is their coverage based on? Is their tone positive or negative? If they blame someone, then who, and why?

Be skeptical of any news source claiming to be objective. There really is no such thing. Liberal and conservative commentators are upfront and honest about who they are, but media sources claiming to be unbiased ought to be intensely scrutinized and strongly doubted. Chances are that they are being dishonest, and thus ought to be shunned for lying.

All of this takes discipline and diligence. It is not easy, and it requires much time and effort. Sadly, this is what is needed to figure out what is happening in the world. The consequences of remaining politically ignorant is too dangerous in todays world.

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