Friday, August 01, 2008

Random Thoughts 2

Conservatism is a maxim founded on the universal experience of mankind.

My conceits are not such that I would expect any changes be made regarding my, and my friends’, personal situation, but a look at our immigration system in general must occur. Good people are not being utilized. At a time when such a shortage of teachers is abundant, it is maddening and vexing when one is prevented from helping to alleviate this calamity by nothing more than an inept system.

Politicians are scared to act based on political correctness, We need to speak up. Right now America suffers from obsessive compassion disorder.

As soon as you step foot in a foreign land, are you suddenly an expert in their culture, mores, norms, values, or history? You can be a world traveler and not know shit about the world. Did you have to live in Germany in the mid-20th century to know that Hitler was a bad guy? In fact, you were less likely to know it if you did. Do you have to live in Detroit to know it is a violent city?

Do Mexicans do good work? What is the value of cheap labor, really? My house was built by Hispanics, many of which I suspect are illegals, and the flaws in the construction are abundant. One actually admitted to me after we had moved in that they were "getting much better" at construction.

Look at South American countries, do we want the U.S. to be that way? They do not renounce their homeland like immigrants did at the turn of the 20th century. Today’s immigrants do not look at the U.S. as their home like the Europeans did. See the Mexican protest march that was held in California relatively recently.

As our population ages and the number of prescription drugs escalates, our encounters with pharmacists will become more and more prevalent.

I wanted to be knowledgeable about politics so, just like anything else, I studied it and the more I learned, the more conservative I became.

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