Saturday, December 06, 2008

American Black Muslims

How did the most inexperienced man ever to run for the presidency get elected? White guilt is what got Barack Obama elected. Blacks in this country have decried America as a racist nation with ingrained and institutionalized racism for generations despite all of the progress and amends that have been made, which culminated in our electing the first black President of the United States. However, oddly enough, while their disparaging perception of America remains, many blacks mistakenly take pride in being descendants of the Ancient Egyptians. Were they not one of the first civilizations on earth to engage in the practice of slavery?

It seems ironic, therefore, that blacks are the largest group in the world who are converting to Islam. Brigitte Gabriel in her book, They Must Be Stopped, argues “Islam was the catalyst that established [slavery’s] institutionalization. This is the reason slavery in Islamic cultures has survived when it has been eradicated elsewhere.” She continues, “Mohammed himself owned dozens of slaves. His followers throughout the centuries have kept slaves and continue to do so today.” She further explains, “The Koran defines…the rights an owner has over his slave. The Koran specifically asserts the right of Muslims to own slaves…” Knowing all of this, she asks why so many black Americans become Muslim when, “Muslims were enslaving black Africans thirteen centuries before the first slave ships brought Africans to the New World?” Why do they castigate the United States of America at every turn, but join an Arabic religion where the Arabic word for black is abed, or ‘slave’?

We must cease once and for all the self-flagellation, and tell the race hustlers that their days of dividing us and extorting special privileges are over. Using our slave past as an eternal cudgel to promote affirmative action (i.e., reverse discrimination), and other injustices is loathsome. It was only in North America where slaves thrived and increased their numbers through procreation. They were treated here better than anywhere else. To this day the slave trade still exists in Africa where, “…100,000 black Africans in Mauritania (for example) are enslaved...” Congratulations to Barrack Obama. Hopefully he’ll do well, but it is dangerous for guilt to decide elections.

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