Monday, March 29, 2010


"Racism is an accusation hurled by scoundrels who have no argument." JM Bovee

JM Bovee Liberalism fails everywhere and every time it's tried, whereas conservatism works every time it's tried. WTF?! Who in the hell is voting for these failures?
Yesterday at 8:23pm 

Darling Nikki Geez is it that serious? Just be happy to be alive. How can u be a Prince fan & always have your panties in a bunch? Don't be so concerned with such earthly issues. Purple Luv bro:)
Yesterday at 8:27pm ·

JM Bovee I love my country. With out Washington, Adams, Jefferson, etc. setting up this amazing republic, then there would be no Prince. And if we don't wake up, then we will lose this country, and there will be no future Prince.
7 hours ago ·

Darling Nikki
There will always be music, we were making music in Africa before we were brought to America. The achievments & genious of an African American man has nothing to do with the founding father's lol! I am also an American Indian person meaning I have an actual claim to this land base called "America". President Obama is the only president that ...
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5 hours ago ·

JM Bovee WTF are you talking about? How many black millionaires existed before America was founded?
24 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee Indians were nothing more than cave dwellers who hadn't invented the wheel yet. They had to either assimilate or make way for more progressed peoples.
23 minutes ago ·

Darling Nikki How many Black slaves existed before America or Latin American countires were founded-better question. If u think we were done a favor, u are dead wrong:(
23 minutes ago ·

Darling Nikki Europeans that came to America were nothing but rejects & prisoners. Rejected from Europe.
22 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee I don't give a flying fuck what Obambi's skin color is. The guy is a fucking Communist, America-hating asshole, and fuck him and all of his socialist ilk.
21 minutes ago ·

Darling Nikki If it weren't for African civilization there would be no mathmatical systems, astronomy, anything u are comparing to civilized so my brother u come from cave people. My people have never ever lived in caves:)
20 minutes ago ·

Darling Nikki And furthermore u are an uninvited guest on my homeland, remember that because God knows its the truth.
19 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee #1. Slaves of ALL colors existed everywhere throughout ALL time until The British and Americans put an end to it. Muslims had black Christian slaves so what the hell were guys like Muhammed Ali and Malcom X and Mike Tyson thinking?
#2. The Europeans who came here were tired of the monarchies and religious corruption. They were good people. Perhaps ...
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12 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee Read "The End of Racism" by Dinesh D'Souza and then tell me what time it is.
11 minutes ago ·

Darling Nikki Wow, u are clearly very hateful of Black people in general. I see that u think u are superior? Just ignorant, I hope u don't teach your kids to hate. I don't hate u, as a matter of fact I will pray for u.
3 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee You're so obsessed with race. I could care less what color you are. I'm about truth--'keepin' it real.'
2 minutes ago ·

JM Bovee I lost my virginity to a black girl in high school. I still remember her name, Alexia. Loved her. Why the F would I like Prince music if I were a racist. The only racists are the black politicians who LIE about Tea Party Protestors, or Jesse Jackson who 'shakesdown' corporations to enrich his own pockets.
about a minute ago ·

JM Bovee I refuse to be intimidated by that accusation. Anyone who calls me a racist better be able to endure my wrath because that is a vile accusation.

JM Bovee With every comment you prove my point. I mentioned those black names because you laughably tried to assign all of these mythical accomplishments by blacks throughout history.

Darling Nikki Because u are entertained by a Black man or woman doesn't mean u respect them. If u love this country then u wish well whoever the president is.

JM Bovee Did you 'respect the presidency' when Bush was in office? I do not respect this prick because he is a thug.

Darling Nikki Ha! Yes I pray for every president, whether they are who I voted for or not.

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