Monday, July 14, 2008

Commiss Price

Commissioner John Wiley Price has won the world’s all time dumbest complaint when he took offense to the term ‘black hole.’ Of all of the stupid things to protest. This man is pathetic. He, and his ilk, are obsessed with race!

Has the fragile ego of blacks in this country gotten so deranged as to now demand that we re-label astronomical terms? Sure, someone ought to take the time to explain, sadly, that it is not the word itself but the context in which it is said and the intent behind it that matters. This colossal idiot actually said that people ought to watch what they say, and then started commenting on other insidious terms like angel food cake, and devils’ cake. Is this not America in which we live any more? Since when do we have to ‘watch what we say’?

Following this line of thinking, if you can call it that, then perhaps we ought to change any term with any reference to color of any kind. Black cats should be referred to as African American cats, black pepper is now African American pepper, if the power goes out in a large area we’ll have to refer to it as an African American out, there are no more black cars, now they are African American cars, and black holes are African American holes I guess. Would Mr. Price have us rename the Beatle’s White Album? What should we call it- the Caucasian Album?

I say this is it folks, enough is enough. All Americans ought to tell clods like this Mr. Price to “get over it!” I guess that is the main weakness of ‘white’ culture- too compassionate, too understanding, too forgiving, too accommodating. At what point do we allow common frickin’ sense to play a role, and once and for all put an end to this foolishness? When, for God’s sake, will we as a collective tell people of Mr. Price’s abhorrent persuasion that we are sick and tired of this fixation on color? In short, when will Americans, blacks most especially, tell these race hustlers to shut up and go to hell?

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