Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hollywood Fads

I'm tired of Hollywood preaching to me. {in progress}

Here's a list, off of the top of my head, of the messages subtly, and not so subtly, implanted in movies today.

Lesbian kissing: every third movie seems to have a scene clumsily thrown in there where two women are kissing. Along with this is every fourth movie where gay men are so intelligent, charming, and witty. They only make up 3% of the population! Ever know any homosexuals? I have. They're always angry and ugly. They're often boorish and surly jerks!

Villains smoking: Anytime, just about, that you see someone smoking a cigar in a movie, you can bet that it is a villain, and almost always white. In fact, I can't think of a non-white villain right now.

Capitalists are immoral: From Gordon Gekko on, capitalists are always heartless, selfish, assholes devoid of any scruples who would sell their mother for an extra buck. When was the last time you saw a sympathetic wealthy person in a movie?

Minorities are academic: Despite the present 50% dropout rate among black high school kids in this country, whenever teamed up with white or asian kids, they're always portrayed as being more with it. And they're more moral as well.

Cops are dumb and violent: You know the last time a cop was seen as competent and unwilling to cross the line into brutality or privacy?...Psycho. Remember the cop in Psycho who followed Mrs. Curtis? Look at how they're portrayed today. Same goes for our soldiers. Always played as jerkwad alpha male, brainwashed goons constantly looking for a fight.

Fat is sexy: Why are fat people so celebrated in movies today? Where is the stigma that ought to be attached? No, I don't mean to imply that it is fine to poke fun at their expense, I just feel hollywood should treat them with half as much tough love as they do, say, smokers.

Religious people are nuts and violent: see Steven King.

105 pound women kicking ass: I can't tell you how sick I am of seeing semi-anorexic chicks kung fuing a 220 pound guy 5 feet into the air and 10 feet across the room.

The environment is fragile: Often capitalist scum are tearing down mother nature.

The government is corrupt: Again, CIA, FBI, you name it, they are ruthless quasi-mercenaries.

{specific examples to follow}

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