Friday, October 10, 2008

Do Your Homework

Western liberal hedonists, whose knowledge of history begins at their birth, have no idea what the Muslims have been doing to take over the world, and continue to do. Instead, they rip their own country; self-flagellation reminiscent of religious Shiites who whip themselves en mass in the streets. These are the same people who avoid conservatism the way Christian zealots avoid the writings of Darwin. Their concern is that it may shake their faith. Hedonists believe in nothing, and thus fall for anything.

Our multiculturalism and globalism will allow those into our country who do not share American values, and conflict will result. Liberalism and political correctness are self destructive, and the left is way too sure of their guesswork. They take pride in their worldliness, but what do they know of the world? We cannot afford their ignorance any longer.

Deceit is the left’s modus operandi.

What do you say to someone who defends:
1. Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor.
2. Terrorists hiding among civilians.
3. Saddam’s rape of “only a few girls,” had no WMDs, & was not a terrorist enabler.
4. Russia had every right to invade Georgia, & did not use excessive force.
5. Barack was justified to say attack Pakistan. And while we’re at it, invade North Korea and Syria too.
1. McCain, Bush, and Cheney are war mongers.
2. Condoleeza Rice is a liar.
3. “Neocons” are fools who are destroying the USA.

It’s hard to communicate with someone who’s mind has been thoroughly poisoned and twisted. I wish I knew the antidote.

Only a liberal will defend Iraqi civilians, but support the words of guys like Ward Churchill who called 9/11 civilian victims “little Eichmans.” Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, and others, and not a peep, but America is scum because less than 100,000 civilians have died in the Iraq War. It’s okay for Russia to invade Georgia, our ally, but not for the U.S. to dispose of a ruthless dictator. Our philosophy is, “My country, right or wrong.” Their philosophy - “My country...wrong.”

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