Wednesday, September 24, 2008

JM's Definition of a Liberal

A liberal always accuses a conservative of doing the very things that they do. If you send them a conservative source, then they will pooh pooh it as biased. Of course, they do this as they send you their liberal source. If you dare point out the absurd double standard, then they will call you a hypocrite. If you agree to read their source as long as they agree to read yours, then they accuse you of being evasive. If you do read it, and logically and rationally refute it with facts, then they call you an ideologue. By the way, do not expect any sort of honest analysis from the thing that you have asked them to peruse. If, at this point, you protest too much, then they say you are being too sensitive. Once you point out the ridiculous nature of all of this, then they claim to be fed up and no longer wish to correspond with you. Now that is a liberal my friend.

So, if they accuse you of hypocrisy or a double standard, then chances are that you’ve just caught them talking out of both sides of their mouth. If they call you a liar, then you’ve really busted them in a major prevarication. If they call you a fool, then you’ve just embarrassed them. If they accuse you of evading, then that just means they have no answer for the point you’ve just made.

They’re emotionally attached to their views. Like a parent with unruly kids, they defend them no matter what. They refuse to listen to, or read anything conservative because they’re afraid that the devotion to their beliefs is so tenuous that it would crumble like a deck of cards. Like Muslim extremists, they’re told what to think at a very young age and never had the courage to re-exmine or re-evaluate, thus they never grow.

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