Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quiz-Not Mine

I decided this morning that I was going to develop my own single-item IQ exam. But, after only a few minutes, I started having trouble deciding which question to use on my exam. There are so many good candidates for inclusion. For example:

1. Do you think that O.J. Simpson was framed?
2. Do you think that professional wrestling is real?
3. Do you think that the first moon landing was fake?
4. Do you think that Osama bin Laden wants George W. Bush to be re-elected because he’s afraid of John Kerry?
5. Do you think that Al Gore invented the internet?
6. Would you let your pre-teenage boy spend the night with Michael Jackson?
7. Have you ever made a contribution to PETA?
8. Do you think that Richard Simmons is straight?
9. Do you think that women should adopt a special diet to avoid prostate cancer?
10. Have you ever made a contribution to Benny Hinn?
11. Do bisexuals have male and female sex organs?
12. Is “innuendo” an Italian term for suppository?
13. Are you more concerned about saving a convicted murderer than an unborn child?
14. Would you support an abortion of an unborn baby while protesting animal abortion?
15. Do you think that Bill Clinton uses Viagra?
16. Do you think that Chris Matthews has good communication skills and respects women?
17. Would you favor the execution of a convicted female killer while she was eight months pregnant?
18. Have you ever asked someone where the “any” key is located on your computer keyboard?
19. Have you ever nodded during a speech by Jesse Jackson?
20. If your roommate stole your bong would you call the police?
21. Have you ever told a waitress that your sushi was undercooked?
22. Do you think that masturbation should be taught in our public schools?
23. Do you think that Pee Wee Herman should be allowed to teach in our public schools?
24. Do you think that the words “b****” and “ho” should be used to avoid cultural bias in IQ testing?
25. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset and thought “hmm, science has clearly established that we all evolved from primordial soup.”

Feel free to use any of these questions the next time you are confronted with a suspected idiot in a social situation. In fact, feel free to use them all. Just a single “yes” will tell you all you need to know.  And, if you don’t like my opinion, just hit any key to escape this editorial. You know where the “any” key is, don’t you?

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