Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Thoughts 3

1000 hackings at the branches of evil is nothing like one strike at the root.

Conservatives have I.Q. Liberals have E.Q. (emotional intelligence quotient).

The wind coming out of the Democrat's pie holes blows like a mother-in-law convention.

There was a time when the poor had to work hard, but now they’re so dependent on the nanny state that they can be seen riding bicycles, walking dogs, strolling down the avenue, etc. in the middle of the day when the rest of us are at work. The government as a nanny state infantilizes people.

Democrats appeal to emotions so those who use emotions for decision making will be manipulated. They think with their feelings, not with their thoughts.

Dems believe in equality of outcomes and not opportunity.

Schoolyard rules- negotiate with bullies. Right... A girl falling off monkey bars is said to suffer from pain/torture. We’re not waterboarding those in the lunch line who stole the last cupcake. We reserve it for necessary circumstances...only three times to this date. This soft thinking will be the end of the west. The U.S. has to be tough and kick ass when necessary.

According to the Institute of Medicine, 1.5 million people are sickened, injured, or die annually due to med errors.

Broad generalizations about all whites, like Obama makes, is the same sort of racist speech and thought that the white racists of the 18th & 19th century used.

Ask yourself why you listen to Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth is such a bore,
U may as well try Michael Moore. He is one super sly propaganda whore,
The women’s lib movement lead by NOW, have gone too far, and how,
I’d rather go huntin’ w/ Dick Cheney, on a day that’s cold and rainy,
Then go drivin’ with Teddy Kennedy, cause drownin’ ain’t the remedy.

“The burden is on citizens to inform themselves from a number of different sources rather than rely on just a couple.” Jeffrey McCall, Ph.D.

Libs who refuse to listen to conservs are like Christians who refuse to read Darwin. They're afraid they may be convinced.

After referring to Bill O’Reilly’s buddies (i.e. conservative Republicans) in an interview, Barack has shown that he has strong opinions about things for which he knows very little, or nothing at all. He’s just another typical liberal; he’s told what to think, and obediently reguritates it.

Terry McCauliff said himself that Fox News was the fairest hard news media outlet covering this election cycle. In fact, he said it was the only fair one. Barack still won’t speak to Brit Hume or Chris Wallace- two very fair and well respected men, but still wants to chat with Aquadinejad.

Right is right, and left is wrong.

America's Fall 2/2 Perception:

Movies that build sympathy for scum
Video games that glorify violence and desensitize our youth to the value of human life
Music that promotes debauchery
Television shows that make being a slut cool
Education system that rewards ignorance
Tax system that punishes success
Judicial system that refuses to give a punishment that fits the crime
Commercials that make white men look like fat fools
Department stores that sell Bratz dolls and shirts with disrespectful logos on them
Mainstream media that refuse to report politically incorrect stories
documentaries that lie
scientists who go by consensus
lawyers that sue and rot our country from within
Businesses that cater to the Spanish invaders
politicians that sell out the American people for votes
In films, prostitutes, drug dealers, serial killers, are seen as charming, intelligent, funny, and sympathetic.

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